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Works with Microsoft Lync

Works with Microsoft Lync

Created for Microsoft Lync, LyncFellow is a smart and non-obtrusive software waiting in your Windows Tray and when your Lync status changes and your USB fellow is connected, it will update the color matching your status.

Head Glows, Body Dances and Wings Flap

Head Glows, Body Dances
and Wings Flap

Not only the head glows in green, yellow or red depending if you're available, busy or away. In addition the fellow will dance and flap it's wings when you receive a call.

user editable playlist

No Driver. Small Footprint. Smart and Simple Software.

LyncFellow installs a single executeable running in your Windows Tray. It's installable without administrative rights and an easy uninstall feature is available. There's only one settings dialog and you won't see any alerts or other obtrusive dialogs.

full deeplink support

Find Out how to make
it's Heart Glow

There's even more inside your new fellow: Sometimes there's a red heart glowing inside. Find out which communication makes your new mate happy.

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Download your free copy of LyncFellow - made by

You can also download the source code in either zip or tar formats
or clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://